Sunday, May 17, 2009

California Vacation\ Reunion\ Corp. Meeting! - Day One

Day one: Monday
Lego Land - Aquarium - Beach

A little Star Wars action.

RC Boats, should be bummper boats.

No need to go to New York now! Been there, done that.

Giant Bionicle?

Here they come. Ready, Aim, FIRE!!!
The counter attack...

Too fun. It was hot any way!
Kamryn getting a ride on daddy. Can mommy be next?
Terin, Cyle and Trent checking out the creepy crawly.
Brock, wishing he had a mask and snorkel.
Kamryn loved the aquarium.

Sherwoods vs Lego Family
And last a stop at the beach. What a day.

1 comment:

Debbie Sherwood said...

What a wonderful thing to see ALL the boys smiling and enjoying EACH OTHER as well as the entertainment!!