Wednesday, May 13, 2009

California: Day Five - Its going to be a marathon

Let the "Last Day to Play" marathon begin!
1st Lets go race some Nass Carts -
Grandma Sherwood and I raced with Trent, Brock and Peter.
Then Grandpa Sherwood, Aaron, Carson, Brian and Shurell raced with Terin,
Cyle and Jamie. Everyone had a great time. It sure is hard to get very good pictures.
This is Terin coming in first to the pits.
Then Cyle!

Then Aaron!
And here comes Grandpa!
After the Nass Carts, are family went to Boomers. Trent was
wanting to challenge everyone to a game of Goofy Golf. I didn't
get any pictures while we were there.
After we got done golfing, we went down to Mission Bay. At Balboa Park we
went to "The Wave House" Aaron, Cyle, Trent, Carson, Reese, Jamie, Karston, Tearra and Ren all had there turn on the giant wave. I would have loved to have given it a try if I had the whole place to myself! You should have heard all the Ooooo's when someone would wipe out and all the laughing when someone would get "spit out" I have to admit I got quit a kick out of watching everyone have there turn. Everyone had a great time!

Go Aaron- Go Aaron!
Go Cyle - Go Cyle!

Go Trent - Go Trent!

And you'll never guess who we saw at the beach...
Adam from American Idol!
Okay after a few rides at Belmont Park we headed to the beach for one last time before we have to g0 home in the morning. Brock and I sat and enjoyed the view. Aaron and the other boys rented mt. bikes and took a ride up the beach to see the views.
Brock having fun playing in the sand.

Here comes the rest of the gang.

And for our last stop of the day-
the ER to get Terin 10 stitches.
Good as new- well we hope so in a week or two.
It was nice to get Terin all to my self for a couple of hours, but maybe next time
we will do lunch instead.

First - Lets race
Second - Lets play golf
Third - Lets surf
Who is that coming this way with all the camera and police escorts?
Forth - Lets head to the beach to play in the sand and ride mt. bikes
Fifth - Lets hurry and get Terin to an ER - This one was not on the schedule.

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Debbie Sherwood said...

Awesome pictures, what a fun time we all had!!

Such wonderful memories, such a wonderful time