Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cyly is out for the season.

Last Friday night, Cyle dislocated his finger and broke it just above the joint. He was play'n football with his friends at the SJ Varsity game. He had just passed the ball to Trent when Ret tackled him. He got up and thought that he might have broken his finger? Ret was sure he hadn't, cause Cyle jokes a lot. Ha Ha this time it wasn't a joke. A friend of mine, Jennifer Thomas brought Cyle home right away. We put an ice pack on it and headed for the Show Low ER. After spending most of the night there, the Dr. finely set the finger. Cyle was in a lot of pain, he is a tough kid though. I'm not sure who hurt more, me not being able to help him or him with the broken finger? We saw the Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday and they are not going to pin it at this point. The Dr. casted it and he will have a look at it in three weeks. But as for any more football this year, it's done. Cyle is more disappointed with not being able to play than anything.
The boys are having a GREAT season. So far they are 4-0. Cyle had a touchdown in last weeks game against Jo City. Well it was fun while it lasted and there is always nest year right?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lake Powell Labor Day 2008 - Friday

We had such a great time with the kids. It is such a blessing to have a family. The boat is so much fun. It is wonderful to see the kids laughing and playing together, like friends. Cyle, Trent and Brock had lots of fun snorkeling and swimming around on Friday. Aaron and the boys had a water fight. They used the air mattresses as their "Battle Pony's". I stayed out of that one. Cyle and Trent had fun jumping off the cliffs. And they both had lots of turns on the Knee board and tube. I have not seen too many smiles bigger than the ones I see when the kids are on that tube. Looks to me like it would just kill you, but they can't get enough. Brock liked playing in the water and floating around. He likes to jump off the back of the boat and do a Brock style "Canyon Ball". Kamryn was an angel. She looked like a turtle in her life jacket. I don't know how I didn't get a picture of that?
The weather was beautiful. The water was clean and warm. The boat ran great. I don't know how it could have been better. We stayed at a hotel in Page. It is just so much nicer than camping. Cyle and Trent took their bikes and Brock had his scooter, so we found a couple of skate parks along the way. The best one ever is the one in Flagstaff. The one in Page was not set up for the younger boys. So, tomorrow Brittany and Terin are coming!!!