Thursday, May 14, 2009

California: Day Four - Deep Sea Fishing, Boomers and the Beach

Thursday we went in two different directions. Aaron and Terin went Deep Sea Fishing, I don't have any pictures of that. But they had a good time. Aaron caught some fish, Terin caught a sea gull and a nap. Cyle and Trent went to Boomers and played minature golf, video games and had a turn in the batting cages. After they were done there and the baby had finished her nap, Cyle, Trent, the baby and I went to Boomer and the beach. Cyle and Trent had fun boogie boarding again and playing in the sand. I had fun watching Kamryn playing in the sand. She really ate it up, literally. Just a little taste. She decided right away it was funner in her fingers and toes than in her mouth. Trent dug a hole that we berried him in and Kamryn had fun playing in it when he was done.

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