Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trip to Phoenix - Box Canyon

Saturday Nov. 8th. It's Aaron's Birthday! He wanted to take the family riding. We went just out of Phoenix to the west I think to Box Canyon. It was beautiful. It was warm and sunny. Grandpa and Grandma Sherwood came and drove the Ranger. Brock road with them. Ron and his family also came, Ron drove his 4x4, I can't remember what he calls it? His daughter, Gena drove her green Tahoe. Mary and the kids rode with Gena, BRAVE. She is 16 and this was her first time out. She did great. Aaron, Cyle and I rode bikes and Trent kept right up on the Raptor. We had lunch up in the canyon. Climbed some rocks. Went threw some old abandoned homes. I didn't even wreck! Actually, nobody got hurt. A few scrapes was about all. We made it back to the trucks just before the sun went down. It was a long day, but it was a fun day with everyone. I think Aaron had a happy birthday. We stayed the rest of the weekend at mom and dad's in Maricopa. We went out with Brock and Maryanna, and Ron and Mary that night while Cyle was nice enough to watch the kids for us. Sunday we visited friends some more and mom bought stake for dinner and brought home cake and ice cream. What more could a guy want?

Our trip to Phoenix - BMX Park

We found a real BMX park for the boys. They were in heaven. Cyle and Trent could have moved there and lived in a cardboard box and been happy. They are anxious to go back. The sooner the better. It was a little intimidating at first but they took right off doing their thing. Cyle likes to do 360's out of the bowl. And Trent likes to jump the transitions. Cyle had tought Trent how to land a jump in a wheelie, they both like doing that. They have so much balance. It is both fun and a little scary to watch. Brock had fun playing with Ron and Mary Dimbat's kids. They rode scooters and played at the park.


We had lots of fun this Halloween! Trent and Brock cleaned and carved their own pumpkins. Trent's was a witch and Brock's was a headless horseman. They really got into it. Mom helped, but just a little.
Trent dressed up as a Clown - "The crazy cousin of the Joker" Brock was a rabbit hunter. He was called GI-Joe a few times. Funny, he doesn't know who GI-Joe is?

And Kamryn was the little Cotton Tail that got away (from Brock, the rabbit hunter) There was a costume parade down town after school that we all joined in, and then we had all of the cousins that were in town over for a B-B-Q. The kids all had fun trick-or-treating. Cyle went with some friends, I think he was a bmx rider, he didn't even take a bag, he just ate it as he went along. Trent went with a friend and had lots of candy when he got home. Brock and Kamryn went to the trunk-or-treat that really wasn't. Not too many came this year. We had little Kyson with us and after the trunk-or-treat Uncle Aaron took the little boys around on the ranger. They had a bag of candy and frozen noses when they got home, I guess that is what you call success. Brittany came for her first visit home about 9 o'clock that night and was able to see the kids all dressed up. My treat for Halloween was getting to see her. It is so nice when the older kids come home. By 10:30 Brock was passed out on the floor next to his candy and Trent was crashed out on the couch. Like I said, it was fun.