Monday, December 15, 2008

Ginger Bread Houses

This is one of the kids favorite family traditions: The making of the gram craker Houses!
We had Peter going us this year so it was extra sweet. (At the table: Front looking at the camera is cousin Peter Casey, behind and left Trenton, moving right, Brock and Cyle on the far right.

This is pretty serious work you know. Everything needs to be just so.

Trent's masterpiece!

Brock's masterpiece!

Cyle, Trent and Brock's little ginger bread village.

Its all over now except the eating!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yes this is a picture of Aaron and Eric working on a puzzle?!. They spent hours. Debbie, Allison and I also helped. The little kids helped too. Yeah, it never got finished. But Kyson and a great time piling up all the pieces.

This is a picture of our "Rock Band" Terin on drums, Trent on the mic and Dylan on bass guitar. While Jake waits for his next turn. The boys had a good time while waiting for dinner. After breakfast the guys all went out shooting. When they got back to the house we took some family pictures. Allison was our photographer. I'm sure they will turn out great, but I can't wait to see. This will be our first family picture with the baby. EVERYONE in the Sherwood family was home this Thanksgiving.

This is a picture of the family dinner in the dining room. We had 24 adults and 12 kids! I don't know if you have ever tried to feed that many people in one house before, it is a house full. I hope everyone enjoyed to food and company. I thought it turned out great. And it only took 2 days to do all of the dishes. Not too bad.

Friday we had breakfast at the church and then played games with the kids. This is a picture of Peter, Karston, Ren, Kyson, Brock and Trent playing Red Rover. And as always, it did end with someone crying. I think that must be the only way this game ever ends. Brock took a brave knee to the nose. But he is tough.

This is the little kids preforming for us on stage. I will think of this every time I hear the song Jingle Bells for the rest of my life.
Way too cute.

The babies are here!!!

The last of the four Sherwood cusins of 2008 is finaly here!
(right to left) Rashelle with baby Chase Tracker 6-14-08,
Me with baby Kamryn Mae 4-25-08, Claryce with the last but
not least baby Reece Taylor 11-21-08 and Shurell with baby
Kayla 7-7-08 Two girls and two boys. Perfect!
But wouldn't you know, the boys got all the hair.

This is the first picture of Grandma and Grandpa Sherwood
with ALL of the babies. They will have their hands full at kids camp in
a couple of years!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trip to Phoenix - Box Canyon

Saturday Nov. 8th. It's Aaron's Birthday! He wanted to take the family riding. We went just out of Phoenix to the west I think to Box Canyon. It was beautiful. It was warm and sunny. Grandpa and Grandma Sherwood came and drove the Ranger. Brock road with them. Ron and his family also came, Ron drove his 4x4, I can't remember what he calls it? His daughter, Gena drove her green Tahoe. Mary and the kids rode with Gena, BRAVE. She is 16 and this was her first time out. She did great. Aaron, Cyle and I rode bikes and Trent kept right up on the Raptor. We had lunch up in the canyon. Climbed some rocks. Went threw some old abandoned homes. I didn't even wreck! Actually, nobody got hurt. A few scrapes was about all. We made it back to the trucks just before the sun went down. It was a long day, but it was a fun day with everyone. I think Aaron had a happy birthday. We stayed the rest of the weekend at mom and dad's in Maricopa. We went out with Brock and Maryanna, and Ron and Mary that night while Cyle was nice enough to watch the kids for us. Sunday we visited friends some more and mom bought stake for dinner and brought home cake and ice cream. What more could a guy want?

Our trip to Phoenix - BMX Park

We found a real BMX park for the boys. They were in heaven. Cyle and Trent could have moved there and lived in a cardboard box and been happy. They are anxious to go back. The sooner the better. It was a little intimidating at first but they took right off doing their thing. Cyle likes to do 360's out of the bowl. And Trent likes to jump the transitions. Cyle had tought Trent how to land a jump in a wheelie, they both like doing that. They have so much balance. It is both fun and a little scary to watch. Brock had fun playing with Ron and Mary Dimbat's kids. They rode scooters and played at the park.


We had lots of fun this Halloween! Trent and Brock cleaned and carved their own pumpkins. Trent's was a witch and Brock's was a headless horseman. They really got into it. Mom helped, but just a little.
Trent dressed up as a Clown - "The crazy cousin of the Joker" Brock was a rabbit hunter. He was called GI-Joe a few times. Funny, he doesn't know who GI-Joe is?

And Kamryn was the little Cotton Tail that got away (from Brock, the rabbit hunter) There was a costume parade down town after school that we all joined in, and then we had all of the cousins that were in town over for a B-B-Q. The kids all had fun trick-or-treating. Cyle went with some friends, I think he was a bmx rider, he didn't even take a bag, he just ate it as he went along. Trent went with a friend and had lots of candy when he got home. Brock and Kamryn went to the trunk-or-treat that really wasn't. Not too many came this year. We had little Kyson with us and after the trunk-or-treat Uncle Aaron took the little boys around on the ranger. They had a bag of candy and frozen noses when they got home, I guess that is what you call success. Brittany came for her first visit home about 9 o'clock that night and was able to see the kids all dressed up. My treat for Halloween was getting to see her. It is so nice when the older kids come home. By 10:30 Brock was passed out on the floor next to his candy and Trent was crashed out on the couch. Like I said, it was fun.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cyly is out for the season.

Last Friday night, Cyle dislocated his finger and broke it just above the joint. He was play'n football with his friends at the SJ Varsity game. He had just passed the ball to Trent when Ret tackled him. He got up and thought that he might have broken his finger? Ret was sure he hadn't, cause Cyle jokes a lot. Ha Ha this time it wasn't a joke. A friend of mine, Jennifer Thomas brought Cyle home right away. We put an ice pack on it and headed for the Show Low ER. After spending most of the night there, the Dr. finely set the finger. Cyle was in a lot of pain, he is a tough kid though. I'm not sure who hurt more, me not being able to help him or him with the broken finger? We saw the Orthopaedic Surgeon yesterday and they are not going to pin it at this point. The Dr. casted it and he will have a look at it in three weeks. But as for any more football this year, it's done. Cyle is more disappointed with not being able to play than anything.
The boys are having a GREAT season. So far they are 4-0. Cyle had a touchdown in last weeks game against Jo City. Well it was fun while it lasted and there is always nest year right?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lake Powell Labor Day 2008 - Friday

We had such a great time with the kids. It is such a blessing to have a family. The boat is so much fun. It is wonderful to see the kids laughing and playing together, like friends. Cyle, Trent and Brock had lots of fun snorkeling and swimming around on Friday. Aaron and the boys had a water fight. They used the air mattresses as their "Battle Pony's". I stayed out of that one. Cyle and Trent had fun jumping off the cliffs. And they both had lots of turns on the Knee board and tube. I have not seen too many smiles bigger than the ones I see when the kids are on that tube. Looks to me like it would just kill you, but they can't get enough. Brock liked playing in the water and floating around. He likes to jump off the back of the boat and do a Brock style "Canyon Ball". Kamryn was an angel. She looked like a turtle in her life jacket. I don't know how I didn't get a picture of that?
The weather was beautiful. The water was clean and warm. The boat ran great. I don't know how it could have been better. We stayed at a hotel in Page. It is just so much nicer than camping. Cyle and Trent took their bikes and Brock had his scooter, so we found a couple of skate parks along the way. The best one ever is the one in Flagstaff. The one in Page was not set up for the younger boys. So, tomorrow Brittany and Terin are coming!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kamryn's Kiddy Candids

It has been a very busy year. But it sure is nice to sit and hold our new little princess. She is such a treasure. We are all enjoying her so much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have been wanting to start a family blog, so today is the day.
I hope to share with our family and friends all of the fun stuff we are doing.
We live so far away from so many of you and I am hoping that this will help us stay closer together.
This is the only family picture that I could find that was at all current. But as you can see someone is missing. Kamryn. I hope to have a new family portait taken at Thanksgiving when we are all together again. This picture is at Lake Rosevelt when we went to pick up the boat last year. We have had so much fun as a family on it.
Well thats all for now but I will keep you posted.
Love you all,