Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yes this is a picture of Aaron and Eric working on a puzzle?!. They spent hours. Debbie, Allison and I also helped. The little kids helped too. Yeah, it never got finished. But Kyson and a great time piling up all the pieces.

This is a picture of our "Rock Band" Terin on drums, Trent on the mic and Dylan on bass guitar. While Jake waits for his next turn. The boys had a good time while waiting for dinner. After breakfast the guys all went out shooting. When they got back to the house we took some family pictures. Allison was our photographer. I'm sure they will turn out great, but I can't wait to see. This will be our first family picture with the baby. EVERYONE in the Sherwood family was home this Thanksgiving.

This is a picture of the family dinner in the dining room. We had 24 adults and 12 kids! I don't know if you have ever tried to feed that many people in one house before, it is a house full. I hope everyone enjoyed to food and company. I thought it turned out great. And it only took 2 days to do all of the dishes. Not too bad.

Friday we had breakfast at the church and then played games with the kids. This is a picture of Peter, Karston, Ren, Kyson, Brock and Trent playing Red Rover. And as always, it did end with someone crying. I think that must be the only way this game ever ends. Brock took a brave knee to the nose. But he is tough.

This is the little kids preforming for us on stage. I will think of this every time I hear the song Jingle Bells for the rest of my life.
Way too cute.


mommafar said...

How fun! I'm still so bummed that I missed it, but it sure looks like everyone had a great time. That video is hysterical. What great memories the Sherwood cousins are making!

Missy :o) said...

wow, what a gathering! looks like fun times!